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Please note: This list includes all General Circulars which were made available for publishing in the Ministry of Health website, and therefore may not be complete. Every attempt is made to publish all circulars in all three languages if they are made available. This electronic database for General Circulars is under construction to overcome these shortfalls, we apologize for any omissions or inconveniences caused momentarily.

Recent Circulars Recent 10 Circulars.
Issued Date
Circular No
Circular Topic
2017-02-2801-14/2017විශේෂ ශේණියේ හෙද නිල්ධාරි (අධ්‍යපන) නිලධාරීන්ගේ වාර්ෂික ස්ථන මරු- 2016No Amendments available
2017-02-2801-15/2017I ශේණියේ හෙද නිල්ධාරි (අධ්‍යපන) නිලධාරීන්ගේ වාර්ෂික ස්ථන මරු- 2017No Amendments available
2017-02-0802-63/2016Raising the age limit for provision of paediatric care up to 14 yearsNo Amendments available
2017-01-1601-08/2017Maintaining of a Diary for Public Health Field Officers.No Amendments available
2017-01-1101-06/2017Grant of Special Duty Allowance for Dispensers in the Health Service No Amendments available
2017-01-0501-07/2017Implementation of Clinical Indicators in four Major Specialties4amendments available
2017-01-0201-01/2017Upgrading of the District Hospital Thirukkovil as "Base Hospital Type B" No Amendments available
2017-01-0201-02/2017Upgrading of the District Hospital Ehaliyagoda as "Base Hospital Type B" No Amendments available
2016-12-3101-05/2017Performing urine ward tests of patientsNo Amendments available
2016-12-3101-04/2017Supervision of Nursing Service at Provincial Council HospitalsNo Amendments available